Robinson Kuhlmann Rum is here!


We pretty hyped having the Robinson Kuhlmann Rum on the table right now! Hopefully Robinson is going to have more time to spend on his skateboard after the last years marathon to get this dream to reality. Rum is not made in days, it needs years to become a quality and well rounded liquor.
Robinson worked hard to get those bottles here.
But in full respect as Kalis would say: That shit’s dope!
We added the rum to our online store and as soon we’re able to open the store again it will be instore as well.

So enjoy the first skaterowned rum we know!
Maybe you get some incredible pop by popping those bottles.

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And if you need the special punchline of flavor… here you go:

“The euphoric Friday Feeling, distilled and bottled. Robinson Kuhlmann Rum allows you to smell, taste and experience Friday everyday. Handcrafted in Munich with a lot of passion, patience and expertise.

Pure and clear — our distillate is hand-filled into charred bourbon barrels where it is left to mature. Even before the first sip, you can sense aromas of vanilla and sweet dried fruit. An intense oak note, a touch of cinnamon and a gentle scent of cloves and black pepper round off its flavour.

And just like a perfect Friday, this rum impresses with its long and sweet finish.”