SHRN – Why we are doing this…

The Beginning

SooHotRightNow has actually always been something on the internet. We started in 2004 as a kind of skateboard & lifestyle website that showed skateboarding from the South City Stars, the Dirty South Warriors, the Spot people, the Euro Skate Hallen people and also a lot from the Munich nightlife, like the First League and the Nage & Sauge and so on. It was one of the first blogs in the preblog phase. Back then, news was still written in HTML and uploaded using FTP programs. It was a lot of work, so at some point we decided to just go skating again. Nevertheless, the basic idea of such a website is that you exchange news and show selected quasi-matching stories etc.. Firstly, so that all members of the scene know what’s going on, but also so that lots of people can get an idea of the scene. Many people all over Germany and the world watched this kind of internet soap. We were regularly surprised how many people we had on the website.

The Shop

After we let slide a little towards the end of the noughties, we eventually came up with the idea that a skateshop is actually about exactly these points, which we have always mirrored on the website: The gossip, the videos, the community and pure skateboarding! And somehow we’ve never found what our skateboarding hearts were looking for in a store in Munich. The red leather couch to lounge on and watch videos, the board wall deluxe, the good coffee shop around the corner, etc. So we set off and looked for a location that suited us. As we haven’t always just featured skateboarding on the website and we also like to spend our evenings in bars and clubs, we brought in the guys from Public Possession so that some of the nightlife could hang out with us. We found exactly this location at Klenzestrasse 16 in Munich. Very central, not far from Gärtnerplatz and the 14, we now have this small store that is a matter of the heart for us, in which we offer selected companies according to various criteria. And don’t worry, we are very meticulous in our selection of companies. We even view big companies like Nike, Adidas and Vans with the same caution and reservation as you do with your skateboarding heart. In other words, we maintain a healthy balance and primarily try to support companies that are still run by people who skateboard themselves. All representatives of these companies should be able to skateboard and show it. This means that when you buy from SHRN, you can be 100% sure that we have thought 50 times about whether we want to sell this company and this product and, above all, why. We don’t necessarily only order according to the latest trends, but have our own opinion and many years of experience, especially in the whole skateboard business and we can promise you that we use this experience to get you good prices, good goods (mostly tested by ourselves or by the team) and other advantages for you. We miss the humor that comes with being skateboard fuckin’ core at some of the bigger stores! Fuck longboards have to be in there. That doesn’t mean that we don’t see longboarding as skateboarding in terms of development, but we also see the current longboard trend as very difficult. There used to be times when surfboards and longboards were somehow also in skateboard stores, but those days are over. Skateboarding is too big and we are just skateboarders and we also want a store for skateboarders!
We are of course well connected in the Munich scene and try to bring you as many cool events as possible, where of course the one or other pro should not be missing. After just three months of being open, we’ve already managed to present the X-Games and party all night long with P-Rod and his colleagues in the Rubybar. This year, the Adidas guys around Dennis Busenitz and the Bones Bearings guys around Bobby Worrest were our guests again! Germany is noticing that a good scene has formed again in Munich and that photographers like Conny Mirbach and Leo (Sau-)Preisinger are getting more footage in the Monster and the Place, and so on. People like Markus Mengucci, Juli Sonntag, Alex Pfeffer and Marlon Lange are also breathing new life into the Munich film business!

Online Shop

And that’s when we return from the road to the computer, because that’s kind of what it is. We start skating and get to know the street. But because the streets around us eventually become too small and we know all the spots in the neighborhood, we hang out in the store and skate with new people, talk about spots and check out the city. The longer you skateboard, the more people you get to know and the more you learn online. You see videos with cool spots from surrounding cities, you see how cool it is abroad and you become more connected online. You go to Barcelona and get to know people from London and stay in touch. All this via Facebook, Whatsapp, magazine websites etc. And of course you can’t miss out on On the one hand to show people from other cities what’s going on in Munich. But also to show Munich residents cool videos and posts that they absolutely have to see. We approach the clips in a similar way to how we select our products.

We only put online what refreshes our hearts and what we find cool. Interestingly enough, our hustle and bustle on Tumblr and other online sites has recently led to more and more questions about whether we can send this or that. And so that it doesn’t always remain with informative and cool telephone conversations and it’s not always easy to describe the product correctly, etc., we finally got over ourselves and built an online store. We are sorry for many people who don’t have a skate store in their cities, but maybe our online store can at least cover a few needs that skateboarders may have.
We can’t offer everything online that a skate store in your city could do, but at least we can feed you with cool news and offer you a deluxe selection that we also have in the stationary store. Of course there will always be a few more delicacies in the store in Klenzestrasse, but we can tell you that the stuff in the online store is really cool.
Most of the time it’s stuff from small companies that aren’t even included in big online stores or from companies that are so down to skateboarding that you won’t find them in many other stores!

We hope we’ve been able to give you a little insight into what we do and why! And now have fun browsing through the news or the products!

Or just go skate now with a good feeling!

Mixen, Daniel, Robinson, Floari, Ali, Donkey and the whole SHRN team!