Clara Knör & Mona Sardari for SHRN


The skateboarding world is such a big family. There are skateboarders, artists, musicians, photographers and so on. We picked two upcoming illustrators and gave them the a blank page to create something on it. The result are two tee´s limited to 30 pieces each.

Clara is a graphic designer, illustrator and skateboarder from Cologne and hanging out on our red couch very often lately. She came up with the idea to make a homage to the famous „Kunstbau“ spot at Königsplatz in Munich.

Mona was a student of Mixen at IFOG in Munich. She´s working at the famous TINT store and is a member of the #girlsofshrn crew. And she is in love with Mike Tyson – obviously. 

You will definitely hear and see more of them in the future.


photos of Clara: Luciano Pecoits