adidas x Evisen


Evisen was launched in 2011 by founder, Katsumi Minami and designer, Kazuhiro Hamaguchi as a Japanese skateboard brand. The name “Evisen” derives from the word “Everything” pronounced with Japanese intonation, and also refers to a popular Japanese prawn cracker snack with the slogan “Can’t stop, can’t give up, Kappa Evisen” as a reference to the addiction of skateboarding. With an elite domestic team compiled of riders from Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, and Fukuoka, the brand’s popularity is spreading beyond Japan and into the global skateboarding scene.

For the collaboration with adidas, the idea of the art director was to create a logo from sampling sake labels, because the whole Evisen team loves drinking sake.

There will be a custom designed 3MC in white premium leather, track-pants & jacket and a crewneck.

*** realease is thursday jan 17 – 00:01 CET ***