Huge thanks to Vans for letting us be a part of the “Foot the Bill” initiative. You can now customize your own Slip-On with the pattern we designed.

The shoes are limited to 500 pairs and all the proceeds will be donated to the shops!

Our salmon design is an homage to VANS & SHRN team rider Joscha Aicher aka Bonezless. For some reason he loves salmons with a passion. Hit him up on Instagram and he will let you know about the story behind it or even sing you a salmon song.

The proceeds of the shoes will help us to keep the shop rolling and support our employees & team riders in these difficult times.

Again, we are truly grateful to be a part of the initiative. Thank you VANS! And a huge shout-out to everybody who will create themselves a custom SHRN “Salmon” Slip-On! And check out the designs by the other skate shops as well!

Start with your customization HERE and find out more about “Foot the Bill” HERE!!!

Thank you & stay safe!!!