“La Wash” T-Shirt and Soap


To get through those crazy times at the moment, you have to get creative. After a couple of beers the idea of making our own soap was getting real. We melted core soap with fine olive oil, rosemary and various aromas like lavender, sweet orange, eucalyptus and lemon grass.

The soap is coming as a package with a T-Shirt. “Eine Hand wäscht die andere” means “One hand washes the other” in German.

The T-Shirt is silk screened in Bavaria, 100% Cotton and the soap is handmande in Munich by very unprofessional soap makers (Esel & Irie).

Support each other in this difficult times and wash your hands!

Thanks for the support and stay safe!

photos by Conny Mirbach

click HERE for the “La Wash” Package