Nike SB Dunk Low “Street Hawker”


From noodles to hot pot, skaters from New York to Beijing fuel their sessions with nosh from “Hawkers,” or Chinese street food vendors. Artist Jason Deng created watercolor paintings representing 6 different regional dishes from 6 Chinese cities and combined them alongside a whole mess of other hidden nods to Chinese food to make a Dunk that brings the sweet, the sour and everything else.

From a brown swoosh that represents chopsticks to an embroidered coin on the heel to pay for the meal, the Street Hawker Dunk comes fresh out of the kitchen with mad flavor.

6 Cities – 6 Foods: Beijing – Bean curd milk & Fried Circle, Chengdu – Hot Pot, Xi’An – Pita bread soaked in lamb soup, Shanghai – Plain noodles, Guangzhou – Roasted goose, Taipei – Shaved ice with taro balls.

***The Nike SB Dunk Low  “Street Hawker” release will be on January 30. ***

We will post further release info via our instagram channel during the next days