Todays Video Choice – WEFRIED


Our Filmt Tip for today! WATCH IT!

Starting off as a raunchy meme page, WEFRIED has flourished into a full-length project and successfully unsuccessful business. The man behind the lens of this glorified, spliff-endorsed video is Anthony Matarozza, formally addressed by his WEFRIED WARRIORS as Motz. Motz is the first filmer I’ve met whose sole preoccupation was to portray skating in its full, unadulterated rawness and criminality, what’s left of it at least. Rarely do you find a filmer who is just as committed to the clip as the skater. No situation too hectic, no gimmicks and most importantly, no phoney edits. He works with what he’s got, thankfully he’s got a lot, close to 15 WEFRIED WARRIORS, with Justin Drysen, Alex Tennison, Chris Drysen and Christian Holt headlining the project. Some of you may be overachievers and already placed yourself on the imaginary waiting list for a hard copy, but for those of us without proper bank account settings, it will soon be available online at