Korv ist schwedisch für Wiener Würstchen. Unsere Hot Dog verliebten Schweden von POST haben sich Gedanken gemacht und zusammen mit der schwedischen Prostatakrebs Stiftung, die kleine KORVLOVER Capsule Collection, die aus 3 Teilen besteht, ins Leben gerufen. Ein Tee und 2 Caps für all die, die Hot Dogs lieben.

Der Release ist Samstag 29.7.17.


Here is the Press Release.

You’ve been a korvlover your entire life. We all have. Remember the dish mom made at your third birthday party? Probably not, but there’s a big chance it had the shape of a hedgehog where mashed potatoes made out the body with sausage stuck into it, resembling the spikes. Yummy Sausages, hot dogs, or plain and simple korv in Swedish, has no religion. It has no gender, it has no social status and it has no rules. It can take different shapes and colors and can be made out of everything from meet to vegetables, or even fruit. A win-win for all of us! Or nearly all.
Every year 10 000 men in Sweden gets diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s the most common form of cancer in our country and currently, there’s nearly 100 000 people living with the diagnose. With the #korvlover capsule, Post Details would like to spread awareness on the disease and the research surrounding it. With every sale, a donation towards The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation is made. Korvlovers, it’s time to save a wiener!
For more info, visit prostatacancerforbundet.se where you’re able to make private donations