Q: Is this the new shrn video?


After 4 Month of filming and editing, Marlon came to the shop and was asking me if this is the new shrn video? Maaaybeeee Yes, Maybeeee No. And yes, he still loves Eurythmics – Here comes the rain again.

Thanks Marlon and the whole family for this awesome skateboard action flick.

starring: Paul Zenner, Matthias Flurschütz, Fabian Lang, Stefan Lehnert, Conny Mirbach, Simon Eff, Jonas Rosenbauer, Mark Metzner, Stephan Pöhlmann, Ben Rappel, Matthias Ellinger, Niklas Schaible, Maxi Schaible, Philipp Gürtler, Sergio Grosu, Fabian Gehring, Ben Wessler, Manu Wolff, Denis Klausmann, Dennis Rehm, Roman Lisivka, Vali Erlmeier & Marlon Lange.

shop Pauli´s signature Skateboard by SALUT! Silk screened by hand in munich. Skurrrr Skurrrr.

photo of Pauli´s Boardslide: Philipp Gürtler