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While DEFCON origins remain privileged, the projects stamped with their namesake speak volumes. What began as a thinktank / consulting body for external strategies, the development group were the ones working behind the scenes to conceive and create some of the most iconic Vans® projects of all time.

Currently, DEFCON has evolved into a multifaceted study group responsible for the marketing and development of some of the leading brands in the tactical and streetwear worlds. Through both natural curiosity and a driving interest turned obsession, DEFCON is able to progress and perfect their craft in media, modications, and now as a standalone brand.

For the Spring 2017 season, DEFCON once again targets Vans® to release a capsule that comes full circle, revisiting their relationship with vendor MULTICAM® for a series of SK8-HITM PRO NOTCHBACK footwear and coordinating apparel, utilizing new fabrics developed for the US Army as well as top-tier law enforcement units.